Seducing and pleasing is what Vita enjoys doing


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    She always had a crush on her step-daddy, and this time she finally got the courage to do something about it! When Vita saw that he was in the living room, she approached him slowly as she sat on his lap. He was confused for a second but he definitely knew where this was going. Nobody could resist Vita's charming personality and beautiful body, which is why her daddy gave in quite easy. She started to massage his penis with her tongue twisters and after he became completely hard, Vita was already drenched and ready for action. Nothing makes her moan louder than a hard prick up her snatch, especially when they switch to all kinds of positions. She never knew that this day would come, but she was so glad it did as she came so many times. On top of that, Vita is so generous that after cumming she decided to give him another blow, just to make him ejaculate as well! Her techniques are so good, that this guy could not hold it in so he sprayed his seeds on her face!