Nothing is annoying when anal is involved


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    Some people aren't very good at interpreting others. Body language is a powerful tool that most people don't understand. This handsome young gentleman is one of those oblivious people. He's bothered because a hot young brunette with an amazing piece of ass is walking around his house half naked all of the time. He was baffled by this type of behavior and obviously didn't understand what it meant. Luckily, this thoughtful brunette angel realized that he was a bit slow, so she decided to take a more direct approach. She told him that she wanted him badly, and somewhere in his simple mind, it clicked! It didn't take long before the whole situation went down. She told him that she wanted it in the ass, which he fondly reacted to. Her panties went down faster than a fat person falling, and the situation quickly came to action. After some amazing oral, he got the chance to experience her tightest hole up close and personal. It ended with a big bang!